Print your own copy of the ND Century Code on Education here!

Required Subjects

Required subjects are to be taught according to North Dakota Law. Elementary (grades 1 - 8 ) requirements are as follows: (Be aware that each of these subsections in parentheses do not need to be included in each grade, just at some point in grades 1 – 8.)

As required by the North Dakota Century Code include

*English Language Arts (reading, composition, creative writing, English grammar and spelling)


*Social Studies (including the U. S. Constitution, U. S. History, geography and government, and ND studies with an emphasis on geography, history, and agriculture of this state and including the federally recognized Indian tribes in the state in grades 4 & 8)

*Science (including agriculture)

*Physical Education

*Health (Including physiology, hygiene, disease control, nature and effects of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics)

High School

For High School, first determine your course of study. Colleges want to see a well rounded student so a typical high school curriculum will include classes such as this. (Note - always check with the colleges your child is considering to see what they require for college enrollment).

  • 4 units - language arts including literature, composition and speech

  • 3 units - social studies including 1 unit of U.S. History, 1/2 unit of U.S. Government and 1/2 unit economics and one other unit such as civics, geography or world history

  • 3 units - mathematics

  • 3 units - science including 1 unit of physical science and 1 unit of biology

  • 1 unit - physical education or 1/2 unit of physical education and 1/2 unit health

  • 3 units foreign language, native American language, fine arts or career and technical education

  • 5 units - electives

  • Other electives may include classes such as keyboarding, Bible, shop, home economics, computer science, typing, auto mechanics, child development, psychology, sociology, welding, photography, dance or family living.