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Homeschooling high school

The teen years are a great time to homeschool your child. As your teen matures, they become more self-directed. This allows the parent to move into the role of facilitator and guide. With the plethora of wonderful homeschool materials available for high schoolers, this no longer needs to be a daunting task.

Transcripts & Diplomas:

Beginning in 9th grade, the homeschool parent will want to begin tracking credits for the student's transcript. (8th grade courses can be counted for high school credit if high school level work is being done). In North Dakota, the parent issues the Homeschool High School Diploma. This diploma is recognized and is as valid as a public or private school diploma. The parent determines the criteria for issuing a high school diploma, however, using the ND DPI Graduation Worksheet is a helpful tool to track credits. This does not have to be followed exactly, but can be a good guide to assist in determining a course of study.

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a woman flying a kite in a blue sky

Course of Study:

Colleges want to see a well rounded student, so a typical high school curriculum will include classes such as this. (Note - always check with the colleges your child is considering to see what they require for college enrollment).

4 units - language arts including literature, composition and speech

3 units - social studies including 1 unit of U.S. History, 1/2 unit of U.S. Government and 1/2 unit economics and one other unit such as civics, geography or world history

3 units - mathematics

3 units - science including 1 unit of physical science and 1 unit of biology

1 unit - physical education or 1/2 unit of physical education and 1/2 unit health

3 units foreign language, native American language, fine arts or career and technical education

5 units - electives

Other electives may include classes such as keyboarding, Bible, shop, home economics, computer science, typing, auto mechanics, child development, psychology, sociology, welding, photography, dance or family living.

Computing Grade point Average (GPA):

  • A - 4 points

  • B - 3 points

  • C - 2 points

  • D - 1 point

  • F - 0 points

Add up the scores and divide by the number of classes. A one semester course would represent .5 of a class. This number is the GPA. Extend the decimal point two places.

There are several good transcript making websites and templates on the internet.

Fast Transcripts and HSLDA are two places for transcript making templates and services. You can also order a customized homeschool diploma from HSLDA or make your own!

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